application form

So you're interested in adopting one of my fanlistings? Great, then you've come to the right page. Of course, you have to follow the usual guidelines:

  • no collectors.
  • keep all members and affiliates.
  • give proper credit.
  • must update with a script. i.e. enth or phpfanbase
  • get listing up in reasonable time.

Extra guidelines include giving proper credit for any written information you take from the fanlisting that I have written myself. And another important guideline is to remember to contact me first if you want to adopt the fanlisting out. Remember orignial owners should always get first dibs.

Even though this page is entitled "application form" there is no form. You just have to email me with the following information.

  • email: raven.heart[@]yahoo[.].com

  • name: if you are from the tafl board include board name.
  • email: working email. preferred email used for tafl listings.
  • html sample: fanlisting collective or 2-3 fanlistings you own.
  • reasons: reasons why you want the listing and why you'd make a good owner.

And please only apply if you're serious about adopting the fanlisting and truly love it. I don't want to adopt it out to someone who will let the listing die in a few months.

other notes

With some of the fanlistings you may be able to keep the layout - only because I feel the layout is nice enough or because it has not been wore for so long. I will let you know in an email if you have the option of keeping the layout. On another note some fanlistings include extras (i.e. icons, wallpapers, etc), you may keep those extras if you wish but only if you give proper credit for them.