the music

The music from Cowboy Bebop is one of the most note worthy elements from the series. Yoko Kanno, also the creator of memorable music from other animanga's such as Vision of Escaflowne, composed and arranged all the music on Bebop. However, when doing the music for Bebop her style had a dramatic change by the use of jazz - fast paced piano pieces, slinky saxophone tracks, and quirky vocals.

The Seatbelts are a band that Kanno assembled to perform music for the series, many of which helped her with other music in the past but when working on Bebop they decided to create a "cool" new identity. The jazz and blues themed soundtrack helps to define the show as much as the characters, writing, and even animation. Many fans find the soundtracks enjoyable to listen to as albums on their own, independent of the series.

There are in total eight Bebop CDs and a CD boxset, which I can't stop from recommending. I am obviously not the only one overwhemeled by the music since in 2006 Cowboy Bebop was voted by IGN for having the greatest soundtrack for an anime. Listed below are the CD covers, click on them to take you to the tracklistings on each one.

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