Heero Yuy

Full Name: Heero Yuy
Age: 17
Birthdate: 29 March C.E.54
Place of Birth: L1 colony
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Family: Dr. J
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Prussian Blue
Identity/Background: Pilot of Wing Gundam and Wing Zero
Abilities: Strong destructive tendency
Personality: Quiet and at times will refuse people's kindness with rudeness
Fact: Slender and according to original planning sometimes mistaken for a girl
Quote: "Life comes cheap, especially mine."

Heero Yuy is the pilot of the Wing Gundam or later known as Gundam Wing Zero. He is the most grim and serious of all the G-pilots, especially to his missions. Heero Yuy is just a codename which he took from the martyred leader of the space colonies, his real name is unknown. Born in L1 colony, scientist Dr. J has trained Heero since childhood to be a ruthless killing machine, equally proficient in mobile suit piloting, personal combat, demolitions, and computer hacking, but to make it shorter, we can call him a perfect soldier. Even though Heero seems to be cold-hearted on his appearance and personality, he is really a kind-hearted boy, which kinda shows up later in the series. All I can say is, Heero is callous toward allies and cold-blooded toward his enemies. Also, Heero thinks that life is cheap since he doesn't even care about his own life and would even commit suicide for his mission.

Heero is known for good maneuvering in the air, hand-to-hand combat, weapons and explosives, engineering and machinery, and battle strategies and tactics. Heero's reflexes are quicker than a cat's judging by the way he pulls out those guns from nowhere. Heero is a soldier with no sense of 'self' or happiness, the only thing he is living for is his mission and the satisfaction of it. Since Heero was taken in by Dr. J when he was really little, the thing he mainly know how to do is kill. Heero doesn't understand his feelings and how to react to things sometimes but he does follow his instincts. For example, when he saved Relena with the arm of Wing Gundam in a battle which he didn't know that she was the princess of the Pacifist Sanc Kingdom. Another thing, Heero had felt the feeling of guilt and responsibility somewhere in his lifetime. Another example, when he killed General of the Alliance by mistake and then gave Noventa's granddaughter a chance to end his own life for revenge.

Heero's job is to destroy the colonies of OZ organization. The year after colony 195, the mission Operation Meteor, Heero and his Gundam ended up on Earth. He was discovered by Relena, but his identity was suppose to kept as a secret, so in order to do so, he took on a new mission, to kill Relena Darlian. The only problem is that he couldn't bring himself to do it. He couldn't understand, but it seemed like he had developed feelings for her. Later on, Heero met four more G-pilots, who also given the same mission as his. They are his allies and friends. Their names are: Duo Maxwell, Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton, and Wufei Chang.

Heero's most distinctive features: the cold hard eyes, the thick and messy hair, the green tank top and spandex shorts, and that awesome laugh that would never seem to go without.