site credits

This is the much needed credits section of the site. Below are all the people who made this website what it is today. Without the use of these wonderful resoucres I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

  • Enthusiast -- used for the maintaining fanlisting.
  • CodeGrrl -- used for forms found throughout the site.
  • PHPCodeSort -- great script used for organizing and maintaining the codes.

For proper credits on images, brushes, and other graphic materials please head over to the credit page of Infinitum.


All related material and images belong to their respective owners and have been used without permission, but without infringement for non-profit personal purposes. Wings of a Boy is a fan site, which in the end is nothing more than a site by a fan for the fans. Writing, graphics, and articles were made by and solely belong to Rosie 2006-2008.

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