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Welcome everyone to the site related section, yay! This is probably the most boring plain section in the entire website, but it is still needed. The information here varies from technical information to links to other sites.

This site was created and solely owned by Rosie of the tainted ink network. The prime purpose for this site is a fanlisting, however a small fan site does go together with it. This fanlisting is listed under the Characters: N-Z category.

Wings of a Boy has been around since the year 2003, but I didn't get to adopt it until 2006. This fanlisting was owned previously by Danielle, Ramy, and Hotaru - which was who I had the honor of adopting it from. All of the times this fanlisting was up for adoption I always applied, but it wasn't till the third time that I finally got it. I guess third time really is the charm. Since the moment I adopted the fanlisting I have given my very best effort to maintain it to the maximum of my ability and have gone so far as to create a mini fan site to accompany it.

version to the second

The layout you are currently viewing is version 2 of this site and along with this layout came a much needed revamp. The image used for the layout is one of my absolute favorites because it shows a very sexual Heero and I think everyone can agree that, that is the very best type of Heero. Actually the image itself is rather on the simple side, but simple layouts are after all what I do best. Besides I think simple is a term that symbolizes Heero rather well in the aspect that Heero is just a fifthteen year old boy trying to understand himself and the world in which he lives in.

This site is best viewed, and has only been tested, in IE 6+ and Firefox 1.5+. The fanlisting is run on Enthusiast - for additonal credits look here. Entire layout was created in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Image Ready CS2, also it was completely coded in Notepad.

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