why i love heero

Why do I love thee Heero Yuy?

Well isn't the answer obvious? Just take a look at the boy! No but my love for him is beyond his amazing good looks, though they do contribute. Shallow much, I know Xd Heero Yuy - if that is even his birth name is a mystery - is a character that locked me in from the very first episode. While he is supposed to be this perfect, emotionless, solider he is actually as far from that as possible. Even though he believes himself to be emotioless he cannot deny the fact that his feelings do overlap his actions on and off the battlefield.

So why do I love him exactly?

I think my love for him comes from the fact that I can easily relate to him to well. All of his efforts go into hiding his true self and be this perfect solider image people have of him, but that isn't possible for his emotions are so intense they literally overrun his logically thinking. Heero is a boy who acts on impluse even if these impluses cause him hurt in the process. But as the series goes on you get to see the other nonimplusive side to Heero and that's when you really fall in love. His actions are explained and you see the double side of his decisions. You get to see the boy who is hurting inside from this on-going war. For me I truly believe that Heero is the most emotion fueled even more than Quatre. Of course this is where I can identity with him the most - Heero thinks he has his emotions so well buried but in fact they are always 'on his sleeve'. At the end of it all he is just a confused boy - who so happens to be able pilot and master a deadly weapon. With all this said, how can I not fall in love with this boy?

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