Character Profile

A young Karen was in church and she found that she could make fire. She proudly showed her teddy Paul saying, "It's so beautiful. Mama will be pleased." Her mother was not pleased. In fact, her mother was furious! She called her a demon and wondered why she had been cursed with an evil daughter. Cults hungry for Karen's power force them in to hiding and Karen's mother resentfully protects her. She beats Karen and blames her for their situation.

She tells Karen she can't understand how she could have given birth to a demon and wishes that Karen would just die. Tearfully Karen asks her mother if she would cry for her when she died and her mother replied that no one would ever cry over the death of a demon. Young Karen absorbs this hurtful statement and forms her wish, to have someone cry for her when she dies.

Men come to take Karen away so that she could be trained to use her powers. Her mother is furious and tells them that only she can protect Karen from the cults. Karen wonders if she really is evil, if her powers make her a demon as her mother believes.

Karen wakes up and finds herself in a hospital. Apparently a neighbor had called the police and an ambulance had come to pick Karen up. Karen's mom had tried to stop them from taking Karen and had been run over by a car. Even though she had beaten Karen, Karen still loved her mother and she realized that there was no one left on Earth who would ever cry for her when she died.