love hints

1. Misty still continues to join Ash on his adventures along with Brock despite the fact he owes her a new bike. She's reminded him so many times, but later on in the series, we hear much less about it...hmmmmm. (hint)

2. Misty blushed when Ash saw her in the outfit with that magician. Plus Ash commented that it was a REAL cute outfit! (from "Exeggutor Squad" ep.)

3. Nurse Joy said in "Electric Shock Showdown", "When two people fight, they really care for each other." Ash and Misty fight over crazy stuff from time to time, so maybe Joy was right....

4. Its obvious Brock has no romantic interest in Misty due to the fact when he first met her, He didnt blush like he normally does when he sees a cute girl. That leaves Ash...(hint hint)

5. What was the REAL reason why Misty didn't want to battle Ash? Oh SURE it was because she didn't want to face her sisters, but she came back anyway only because ASH did. Hmm.... (in "Waterflowers of Cerulean" ep)

6. In the "Lavander Tower" episode when Ash "dies" as soon as he "resurrected" the first words out of his mouth are, "Misty!" Misty rubs the tears off her eyes and smiles blushing. What about Brock!?

7. Ash doesn't seem to mind Pikachu always hanging around Misty. Except for that one time when Misty proved Pikachu not to be routy and then Ash defied saying he only obeys him when in fact that wasn't the time.

8. When the 3 Sensational sisters commented Ash isn't their choice of a boyfriend for themselves (implying that he was already Misty's boyfriend), Ash fell over in embarrassment and Misty defied, but she BLUSHED! (MAJOR HINT THERE!!)

9. In the Caterpie episode, when Misty saw Caterpie she grabbed onto Ash and Ash didn't make her let go. He just stood there, "Wow a Caterpie!" (another hint)

10. Misty *really* wanted Ash to use her Pokémon against Brock while he was gym leader. Though, Ash wanted to use the Pokémon he had trained. Misty kept asking him if he wanted to use her Pokémon, gosh she has her heart set on this doesn't she?