the lost boy

Before you continue any further into this section you should be aware that this section does contain spoilers for both the novels and the television series. So you have not read all the novels and/or are not up to date with the series I suggest not reading any further than this.

Nathaniel Archibald, or simply known as Nate, is a main character in the best selling Gossip Girl book series. He's portrayed by Chace Crawford in the TV series.

some differences

There are some noteable differences between Nate in the television series and Nate in the book series. Listed below are some

  • Nate's two best friends in the books are Serena and Blair, while also hanging out with boys named Anthony, Charlie and Jeremy. In the tv series, Chuck is Nate's devoted best friend.
  • Nate struggles with drugs in the book, even being sent to rehab, but in the show Nate's father is the addict.
  • In the books, Blair pressures Nate to attend Yale while he's interested in sailing and not attending school, or going to Brown. But in the tv series, Nate's dad pressures him to attend Dartmouth while he wants to attend schools on the West Coast.

finding his way

The title of this website is finding my way, which I felt was a good way to describe how Nate is in the television series. He is a teenage boy in trapped in the endless circle of rumors, money, and scandal that is known as the Upper East Side. Having been born into money and into this life Nate has little very say in his own future.

Nate is pushed and pulled into the shoes he is supposed to be filling as an Archibald. His father, Captain Howard Archibald, heavily influences his decisions on everything from college choice to even his choice as a future wife. Even, on again off again, girlfriend Blair never seems to fail in reminding him who he is "supposed" to be. As the series goes on we slowly see as Nate struggles with what he wants to do and what he should do and what he is being told to do.