profile and stats

Full Name: Syaoran Li (Li Showron)
Birthday: July 13th
Blood Type: O
Favorite Subjects: P.E. and Math
Least Favorite Subject: Japanese
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Flower: Peony
Favorite Food: Dim Sum and chocolate
Least Favorite Food: (Konnyaku) Yam jelly
Wish List: Magic book written by Clow Reed

Li Syaoran was introduced first as a Card Captor from Hong Kong. Akin to Sakura's ability, he can very well seal Clow Cards and can wield them later for his own use. At first he was competing with Sakura for the ownership of the Cards. But as they grew closer than both of them would admit, their competitive attitude turned into a mutual relationship.

Syaoran is actually from the Clow Lineage. In fact, as the heir to the leadership of the Li clan, capturing the Clow Cards are taken to his account. Thus her mother sent him to Tokyo together with their trusted warden, Wei to carry out his responsibilities.

Tomoeda Elementary School accepted Li as an exchange student and placed him on the same class as Sakura's. Like Sakura, he is also athletic and particularly excels in soccer. And like Sakura, he also admires Yukito, for some reasons. At first it might be a little awkward to watch Li blushing whenever Yukito is around. As time goes on, Li starts tohave feelings for Sakura. So, he will end up helping Sakura, rather than trying to beat her.

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