basic series summary

The original Dragon Ball (called DB for short) followed Goku in his boyhood years as he searched for the 4 star Dragon Ball owned by his grandfather, then continued into his training, adolescence, and his marriage to Chi-Chi. Dragon Ball ran for about 150 episodes.

Suddenly, the series changed to Dragon Ball Z (called DBZ for short). The series took a more serious nature. It revealed that Goku was a member of an alien race called the Saiya-Jins (Saiyan), and he would have to fight his own brother, Radditz. From there, Goku wound up fighting the evil Saiya-Jin prince, Vegeta, then traveling to Namek to do battle with the evil Frieza, then coming back and dieing in battle with Cell, then coming back and fighting Majin Buu. The most popular of the three series, Dragon Ball Z ran for over 200+ episodes.

Afterwards, Toriyama declared he was through with the Dragon Ball series. But TOEI Entertainment decided to move ahead without Toriyama. A new writer was brought in and Dragon Ball GT was made. Unfortunatly, the series was horrible. Towards the end of DBGT, Toriyama returned, wrapped it up, and declared there would NEVER be a new Dragon Ball series. The least popular of the three, DBGT only ran for around 60 episodes. There is presently no scheduled date to bring DBGT to the U.S., but with the movie due out late 2003/early 2004, about three handfuls of DBZ movies and more.

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