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Welcome everyone to the site related section, yay! This is probably the most boring plain section in the entire website, but it is still needed. The information here varies from technical information to links to other sites.

Boy with a Sword has been around since the year 2005 when I adopted it. Unfortunately the person who I adopted the fanlisting from disappeared shortly after handing it over to me so proper credit to that person cannot be given. Since the moment I adopted the fanlisting I have given my very best effort to maintain it to the maximum of my ability.

all things techincal

  • Credits -- the much needed credit to everyone who made this site possible.
  • Contact -- use this form if you want to let me know of anything.
  • Past Designs -- here are the past layouts this website has had.
  • Awards -- the wonderful awards received for reaching a member milestone.

fanlisting affiliates

Below are the affiliates for this fanlisting, please pay them a visit. If you would like to become an affiliate of the fanlisting, then please apply with this form.


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