cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop is the tale of a futuristic maverick, Spike Spiegel, a space cowboy and his band of partners (Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Edward, and lets not forget Ein the dog), as they race across the galaxy on daring adventures. They are Bounty Hunters struggling to survive in a world that is a strange combination of past, present, and future. There are fantastic space crafts and interstellar casinos side by side with droopy sombreros and slow traffic lights. With each new bounty that they go after, new characters are introduced, and new cosmic landscapes are explored. The series is episodic, as Spike Spiegel heads off on a new quest each week to secure a new prize. There is action galore, moments of dry humor, and an incredible blend of computer and traditional animation. Spike's adventures are set to the very music that the series attempts to capture the spirit of- fabulous BEBOP. The music is such an important part of the series that it just wouldn't be the same without it. All in all, Cowboy Bebop offers a spectacular blend of adventure, humor, music, and drama!

spike spiegal

Three years ago, Spike decided to abandon his past and strike out on a life of his own, so he left the Red Dragons (a Chinese Mafia group) and teamed up with Jet Black to roam the solar system in search of bounty and adventure. A lean, laid-back individual, Spike is nonetheless competent in his abilities. His idol is 20th-century martial artist and philospher Bruce Lee, and he is constantly practicing his own Jeet Kune Do skills. He has yet to lose a fair fight hand-to-hand (well, except to Ed's father). Combine this with proficiency with a handgun, and he is definitely not a man to mess with.

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This Cowboy Bebop antagonist was once Spike's comrade and partner in mercilessly doing the dirty work for the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. However, a woman named Julia shattered their comradeship and they are now the bitterest of enemies. A violent, cold-hearted man, Vicious continues to lethally wield his katana for the syndicate while secretly plotting to kill the current incompetent leaders and take over himself. Oddly enough, he keeps a coal-black peacock as a pet, and it is a constant foreboding presence on his shoulder.

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