"I hate Yuki! And I like hating him!" - Kyou (chapter 15)


Fruits Basket is a shojo anime and manga series created by Natsuki Takaya. Fruits Basket has been adapted into a 26 episode anime series, directed by Akitaro Daichi, airing on TV Tokyo.


Fruits Basket follows the life of the student Tohru Honda, who is an orphan after her mother dies in a car accident. Tohru resorts to living in a tent while her grandfathers house is being remodeled. One day Tohru comes upon a house in the forest, where her tent is set up, which is the home of Shigure Sohma and fellow classmate Yuki Sohma, of the Sohma family. When the Sohmas discover that Tohru is living in a tent, they offer her to stay in their household instead. In exchange for sparing her a room, Tohru will cook and do the housework for them since they are terrible at housework. Tohru soon discovers the Sohma family's secret: thirteen members of the family are possessed by the 12 animal spirits of the Chinese Zodiac and the spirit of the cat who was left out of the Zodiac according to legend. They transform into animals when hugged by the opposite gender, or when they are under a great amount of stress.

Promising to keep their secret, Tohru is allowed to keep her memories rather than hypnotically erasing them, a fate that had previously befallen anyone not on the "Inside" of the Sohma family who had discovered the secret. The story then follows the lives of Tohru and the Sohma family, as they deal with each other and a society where neither quite fits in, as well as the feared Akito Sohma, head of the Sohma family. Throughout the story, Tohru is able to heal the wounds of each member of the 'cursed' Sohma family members by doing nothing more than showing them love and offering them her friendship.